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Turning grass into valuable bio-refining asset

– the inspiring story of the Danish GO-GRASS Demo

We have great pleasure in announcing the Danish GO-GRASS International event that will be held on 23 and 24 May 2023, at Aarhus University Foulum in Denmark, where multiple experts from across Europe, will gather for networking, collaborating, and inspiring each other.

This exclusively designed event is set to evoke fruitful discussions about green biorefining in regions across EU, to inspire innovation to transform natural resources of grass land biomass into valuable assets and to explore the potential of future pan-European collaboration, while being customized to cater the specific needs and interests of experts from the field of green biorefining.

23 to 24 May 2023

Save the date to join the Danish GO-GRASS journey of Green Biorefining, a uniquely designed event at Aarhus University, Foulum in Denmark


by 15th May 2023
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Why should you attend this bespoke event? 

The Danish GO-GRASS partners have gained knowledge, created technology, tested and developed a green biorefinery concept which can produce a protein concentrate proven to substitute soy meal for monogastric animals, a suitable feed for ruminant dairy cows and integration with biogas production, and they would like to share their findings and demonstrate their Green Biorefinery Demoplatform to experts and influencers in the field of green biorefining with the aim to learn, share and inspire like-minded experts. 

 During this event we will DISCUSS – EXPLORE – INSPIRE the future of EU support, the possibility of technology replication, and the how-to of launching a pan-European Network of Green Biorefineries.


What to expect?

 The event will be spread across two days. We will begin on 23 May in the afternoon with the tour of the Danish green biorefinery Demoplatform facilities, where the story of the Danish GO-GRASS Demo will be presented, and all the technical questions will be answered. We will conclude the first day with a social dinner so you can network with your peers and get to know experts from all over Europe.

The second day, 24 May, will be half a day of presentations from multiple important actors, followed by interesting exercises and group work, where important discussions about the future possibilities will be held and exclusive insights from different countries will be shared.

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