Conference at our German Demo «Restoring the fens and their economic potential»


The GO-GRASS project, together with the MarginUp project and the Brandenburg Academy «Schloss Criewen», is co-hosting a symposium titled «The Restoration of Fens and their Economic Potential» to be held at the Brandenburg Academy Schloss Criewen on November 9-10, 2023.


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The speakers come from research institutions, universities, foundations, associations, and businesses, promising a rich exchange of knowledge and ideas. During this two-day joint symposium, we’ve curated a program, with talks organized into five exciting topics:

🌱 Fen conservation and restoration
In this part, we will talk about why it is important to protect fens, which are special wetlands, especially in light of climate change and water management. Here we will also hear from different projects explaining what they have achieved or are planning to do (SUPER-𝑮_H2020WET HORIZONS and Life projects Peat Restore, Multi Peat and Peat Carbon).

🌿 Innovative reuse of fen products
This section is about finding cool new ways to recycle things from fens. For example, we will explore how to use wet agricultural land and turn it into something useful. We’ll also talk about using fen materials to make plastic and paper. It’s all about being creative with what the fens have to offer.

💼 Balance between economy and environment
Here we will talk about how making money and protecting the environment can go hand in hand. We’ll look at why peatland, a type of land, is valuable to landowners. We’ll also talk about carbon certificates and hear examples of how some farms are trying to become more environmentally friendly.

Energetic use of fen resources
Have you ever wondered how we can get energy from peatland materials without draining? This part explains how we can use fen resources to generate heat and electricity. So we can use nature to provide energy for our houses and buildings.

🌎 Sustainable management in wetlands
Finally, we will talk about how businesses can work with nature. We will see how we can make money and take care of the environment at the same time. This includes using wetlands wisely, creating sustainable businesses, and even smart use of floodplains.

The conference languages will be German and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the conference. 

On the right, you can find the programme for download in both languages.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and kindly ask you to register via the links on the right.

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