Learnings from the event on green biorefining in Denmark


In the scope of the GO-GRASS project, Prospex Institute in collaboration with the Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy and the Food & Bio Cluster Denmark organised an International event on Green Biorefining in May 2023.

The event took place at Aarhus University Foulum in Denmark, where the GO-GRASS Danish demo is based.

The international event targeted green biorefining experts, specifically representatives of government, industry and research from across EU. The key speakers and potential participants were identified by the collaborating project partners to ensure a good representation of different EU countries at the event, which provided an opportunity to understand the status of green biorefining across Europe and which steps need to be taken to successfully implement the novel technologies.

The intention behind this event was for the Danish Demo to share its research findings, demonstrate the Green Biorefinery Demo-Platform, discuss green biorefining potential in regions across EU, and learn from each other to inspire innovation to transform natural resources of grassland biomass into valuable assets.

It was a chance to identify obstacles and opportunities for the implementation and replication of the new technologies, processes and grassland business models and enable extensive networking to explore the potential of future pan-European collaboration. The GO-GRASS international event can be seen as a starting point of EU collaboration among different actors.

A month after the event, the GO-GRASS Danish Demo took the initiative and set up the first follow up meeting of the event participants that expressed their interest in being a part of the network. The work in setting up a functioning network is expected to continue.

You can read more about the event in the report available here (pdf).

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