Paper from grass?

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Deforestation has long since become a problem! In the fight against climate change, we need our forests. However, trees are still the main resource for the production of paper… So we need alternative raw materials for paper production.

Grass fibers could be a solution here! In order to use the fibers for paper production, less energy and chemicals are needed than for fiber extraction from wood. Moreover, grass grows faster, is undemanding, and can be harvested for years without putting great stress on the soil like monocultures.

That’s why our Dutch demo site is developing a process to extract fiber from low feed value roadside and natural grass to make high quality grass paper and packaging.

In this video interview, Kimberly and Stefan, two researchers from ACRRES/Wageningen University, tell you about their research on grass paper, what to look for when making a sheet of paper, and which grass paper is their favorite!

Plus, do you think a paper airplane made from our grass paper flies as well as a regular paper airplane made from 100% wood cellulose?

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