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On the interactive maps, you can get access to data about grassland type and availability, socio-economic conditions, and livestock across Europe and explore the potential of grass-based business models in your region and in your country.

On the stakeholder map below, you can find your next partners and discover innovative grass-based businesses.

Are you a farmer, a business leader, or an entrepreneur using grass as a raw material who is interested in connecting with relevant players and testing innovative technologies? 

You have a chance to be added to the GO-GRASS stakeholders’ map by filling in this short form.

The maps are updated on a regular basis to integrate the results of the GO-GRASS project and demonstration sites.

Grassland type and availability:

Socio-economic conditions:



Stakeholders' MAP

Dairy company
Feed company
GO-GRASS partner
Organic farmer
Other Stakeholder
Process equipment
Proteins for food ingredients
Seed company

Permanent grassland: number of farms and areas by agricultural size of farm (UAA)

  • UAA stands for Utilized Agricultural Area.
  • The number of farms for each category of UAA has been split in several layers.
  • Total is reminded in each tooltip.
  • Source of data : Eurostat.

Arable land & permanent crops

  • Share of main land types in utilised agricultural area (UAA) by NUTS 2 regions.
  • Arable land & permanent crops in 2 separate layers
  • Source of data : Eurostat

Land use overview for Agriculture

  • Land use overview for agriculture, by NUTS 2 regions
  • Second layer includes variation (CVA, coefficient of variation for absolute value)
  • Source of data : Eurostat


  • Employment rates by educational attainment level and NUTS 2 regions
  • Source of data : Eurostat

Business demography

  • Evolution of businesses creation : enterprise birth rate (V97020)
  • Source of data : Eurostat

Livestock data for 5 animals

  • Animal populations by NUTS 2 regions.
  • One layer per type of animal
  • Source of data : Eurostat