A Green Deal for agriculture: what future for green biorefineries?


With the first outline of the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy presented in March, the upcoming reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, and the launch of the new Green Deal for Europe, the timing is ideal to present and discuss new solutions that could help greening the European agriculture. In that sense, the Aarhus University will hold a seminar dedicated to the topic of green biorefineries on the 17 November 2020 at the European Parliament.

The event, supported by two MEPs, Pernille Weiss from the European People’s Party, and Asger Christensen, from Renew Europe, will be the opportunity for Uffe Jørgensen, Head of the Centre for Circular Bioeconomy at the Aarhus University and partner of the GO-GRASS project, to present state-of-the art technologies for the production of sustainable soy protein alternatives and bio-based products that are currently being developed and tested within the GO-GRASS project. Following this introduction, several pilot initiatives from different countries will be presented and used as a basis to feed the discussion between policy makers and industry players and to identify the solutions needed to support the development of grass-based biorefineries across Europe.

If you are interested, you can access the full programme of the event at the following link and register to join the seminar or the opening of the exhibition by sending an email to lc@centraldenmark.eu.

This event will be the first of a series of events related to green biorefining. As a direct follow-up to this event, the Aarhus University Centre for Circular Bioeconomy (CBIO) will also organise an online expert seminar on 26 November 2020 on the technical, agronomic and environmental aspects of green biorefinery. Pre-registration for this online event is open at the following link: https://tilmeld.events/greendeal.

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