PUBLIC Consultation: Rural development


The European Commission is consulting stakeholders to shape the future of rural development all over Europe. It wants to create a vision of future developments and identify key elements to foster prosperous rural areas. This public consultation will help the Commission to get a picture about all different kinds of matters from concerned stakeholders.

This broad public consultation is aimed at all interested parties. These include:

-The general public: Europeans from rural, urban and intermediate areas

– European, national, regional and local administrations

– Organisations representing social partners, civil society, consumers; NGOs dealing in particular with rural areas

Private sector stakeholders (and their associations)

Research and academia; education & training institutions and organisations


The Commission has committed to developing a long-term vision for rural areas. To achieve such a vision, it is necessary to assess what life is like in the rural areas of Europe and map out what is key for their prosperity. This public consultation will contribute to this process by gathering the perception and views of Europeans on a range of issues including:

1. The needs of rural areas today

2. What makes rural areas attractive

3. Opportunities for the future of rural areas

4. Governance in rural areas

The questionnaire includes an optional set of questions on the Common Agricultural Policy and territorial development.

Respond to the questionnaire by clicking here.

Deadline: 30 November

Source: EC Published Initiatives

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