Factsheets and infographics


The GO-GRASS mid-term practice abstracts summarise the project’s key findings and best practices for the development of innovative and replicable business models, around grassland-based agri-food systems. Abstracts serve to facilitate contact and share information between farmers, businesses and advisors. Discover the four factsheets:

Practice abstract: Swedish Demo

The Swedish DEMO is using briquetting technology combined with shredding technology to produce animal bedding using reed canary grass.

Practice abstract: German Demo

The German DEMO targets biochar via the Hydrothermal Carbonisation of grassland-cuttings from wetlands as supplement for soil improvement.

Practice abstract: Dutch Demo

The Dutch DEMO aims to develop digester and fermentation technology to produce paper products from road-side grass.

Practice abstract: Danish Demo

The Danish DEMO aims to develop small-scale bio-refining technology to extract protein concentrates for monogastric animals from grasslands.